Дорогая Елена Сергеевна

Драма о ценностях и человеческой морали, об эгоизме поколений, надломе между эпохами. 

Fri, 22 October - 19:00
150 - 500 руб. | 12+

"Зойкина квартира"

Главная героиня — Зоя Пельц — открывает в своей квартире пошивочную мастерскую для богатых нэпманш. Однако ее ателье — лишь искусная ширма.

Sat, 23 October - 18:00
150 - 500 руб. | 18+

концерт Калининградского областного оркестра русских-народных инструментов "Мелодии планеты"

Калининградский областной оркестр русских народных инструментов (художественный руководитель и дирижер Андрей Степаненко).
с программой "Мелодии планеты"

Wed, 27 October - 19:00
300 - руб. | 6+

Project Description


The cities of Sovetsk and Alytus are located at a distance of only 239 kilometers and are very similar to each other in natural conditions, population and most importantly have a rich culture and traditions, as well as tourist infrastructure. In both cities there are theaters, which are the center of attraction for locals and tourists.  But, tourism in these cities, due to climatic features, is seasonal, so there is a need for the development of tourism around something more permanent. And what can be more permanent than culture, because a person never stops his creativity. Every minute there are new works of art, performances, songs. In addition, culture can not only become the basis for tourism, but also the fact that it will allow to unite people living on different sides of the border.  And if this cannot happen physically, it is certainly possible morally, involving people on both sides of the border in joint activities.

The overall goal of the project is to Improve the tourist attractiveness of the cities of Sovetsk and Alytus by developing cultural ties and preserving the cultural traditions of the border region. To achieve this goal, the beneficiaries of the project – the theater from the city of Sovetsk and the theater from the city Alitus will carry out a set of joint activities aimed at strengthening cultural exchange, such as „The days of Russian culture at the theater of Alytus“ and „The days of Lithuanian culture at the theater Sovetsk, the preservation of cultural traditions through creative laboratories and the school of acting, as well as the creation of a Museum in the Tilsit theater and the release of books about their theaters by both beneficiaries. In addition, it is planned to achieve the development of cooperation between the cultural institutions of these cities, and between the theaters cooperation in the field of theatrical art will receive a new impetus to development. In addition, the theater of Sovetsk will restore the waterproofing of the theater building, which is an object of cultural heritage. These works will save the building and prevent its destruction due to the weakening of the foundation.

The project activities will be aimed at residents and guests of the cities of Sovetsk and Alytus, who will directly participate in the activities, as well as creative young people engaged in theater studios, who will have a unique opportunity to communicate with their peers from another country. The partners will try to develop joint activities that will become tourism products in the future, expanding cultural tourism and affecting both sides of the border. The project will be a good basis for the future cross-border cooperation not only of theaters, but also will lay a solid foundation of cultural ties between the cities of Sovetsk and Alytus.

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The project partners:

State budget institution of culture "Kaliningrad region youth theatre "Мolodyozhnyj"
and Theatre of Alytus

The project implementation period June 01, 2020 may 31, 2022

The total budget of the project:
573 856,81 Euros (45 287 000)
State budget institution of culture "Kaliningrad region youth theatre "Мolodyozhnyj"
305 904,97 Euro (24 141 072 rubles)

The project is funded by the European Union and the Russian Federation.

This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of State budget institution of culture "Kaliningrad region youth theatre "Мolodyozhnyj"  and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.