Дорогая Елена Сергеевна

Драма о ценностях и человеческой морали, об эгоизме поколений, надломе между эпохами. 

Fri, 22 October - 19:00
150 - 500 руб. | 12+

"Зойкина квартира"

Главная героиня — Зоя Пельц — открывает в своей квартире пошивочную мастерскую для богатых нэпманш. Однако ее ателье — лишь искусная ширма.

Sat, 23 October - 18:00
150 - 500 руб. | 18+

концерт Калининградского областного оркестра русских-народных инструментов "Мелодии планеты"

Калининградский областной оркестр русских народных инструментов (художественный руководитель и дирижер Андрей Степаненко).
с программой "Мелодии планеты"

Wed, 27 October - 19:00
300 - руб. | 6+

Project activities

1.    Creative lab and school of performing arts. This method is used in GA4 aimed at the development of communication between the theater staff, the expansion of practical skills of both companies and the preparation for the production of performances. Employees of both beneficiaries will undergo an intensive course on stage speech, choreography, plastics. In addition, there will be an acquaintance with the national culture, which will later be used in the production of performances and will allow not only to preserve national cultures, but also to promote it on the stage of theaters.  The method is aimed at theater employees. And it will contribute to the expansion of cultural ties, the acquisition of new practical skills and the preservation of existing traditions. These activities are important for follow-up activities because they determine their quality and, as a result, affect the final results of the project. Bad lab or school - poor quality of performance - the unhappy viewer. This method has an impact on the achievement of such indicators as the development of cultural relations, the study and preservation of cultural traditions. To achieve results will be contracted with 20 (11LB, 9B2) experts in the theatrical arts. These costs will ensure the necessary quality of implementation. 

2.    The staging of plays. This method is applied in GA4 and aims to preserve cultural traditions in the form of a performance that will be available to all residents of the target region and thus will ensure the achievement of the main indicators, such as the increase in the number of tourists and the number of persons involved in border activities. The theater is a unique institution, because the result of their work (the production of the play) depends heavily on the production team. Each stage director has his own unique style and vision, each artist sees in his own way how the scenery should look, each costume artist has his own vision of how the actors should be dressed. How unique and unique the performance will be depends on their skill. But - when the same team puts on several performances, then, in most cases, the performances are of the same type and predictable. And this has a negative impact on the reputation of the theater and the number of spectators. Therefore, in the activity of theaters, the practice is widely used, when even if there is a stage director in the state of the theater, another stage director is invited to make a new performance and make it unique. The situation is similar with other members of the production group.  To achieve results and ensure quality, contracts will be signed with 20 (10LB, 10B2) experts (stage directors, choreographer , scenographer, costume designer, lighting designer). These costs are necessary for the staging 4(2LB, 2B2) plays.

3.    Repair work to restore the waterproofing of the building. This method is used in GA2 and is directly related to such an indicator as the preservation of cultural heritage. In the framework of the work will be restore 431,3м2 waterproofing of the building of theatre in Sovetsk. For this purpose, contracts will be signed for repairs, technical supervision, scientific guidance and supervision.

4.    Cultural exchange.  This method is used in GA3 and GA4. It includes "The days of Russian culture in the theater of Alytus", "The days of Lithuanian culture in the theater of Sovetsk", and Creative camp for young people. This is a key method for achieving project performance and characterizes its quality.  It is aimed at the target audience. Its main goal is to involve the residents of the border region in the activities for the preservation and promotion of cultural traditions and the development of cultural ties. As part of this event, the official ceremony of the project completion will be held. To achieve the goals will be used such means as the show, the exhibition of the cities participating in the project, their cultural traditions, tourism infrastructure, a concert, excursions, brochures, round tables, creative meetings with actors and stage directors, the presentation of books, film, the opening of the Museum.

5.    Conducting tours. This method includes presentation of 2 plays of the theater of Sovetsk in the city of Alytus and 2 plays of the theatre of Alytus in the theater of the Soviet. The method aims to increase the numbers of persons involved in cross-border activities, the promotion of national culture, developing an understanding of their neighbors, as well as the development of cultural relations between theaters and cities. During the tour will be shown performances staged in the framework of the project. To achieve the indicators will be entered into 4 (2LB, 2B2) contracts for cargo transportation services (with customs clearance), 4 (2LB, 2B2) contracts for passenger transport. The tour will be held as part of the days of national culture, as well as an independent event.

6.    Coordination meetings. It is aimed at achieving the set indicators, assessing the quality of work performed, monitoring compliance with the schedule of activities and the use of financial resources.

7.    Information support. It will include publications in the media, placement of information on partner sites and groups in social networks, showing videos on television and audio clips on the radio. In the theater buildings will be placed rollups with information about the project. Flyers, posters and banners will also be used to inform about the events.

8. Film (B2) on the history of Alytus city Theatre will be disseminated in the Alytus and Sovetsk tourism centers, cultural institutions, museums, theater partners from other countries.

9.    Release of books about theaters, the creation of the theater Museum in Sovetsk. Theater in Sovetsk has a rich history since 1893. Hundreds of actors and Directors worked within its walls, thousands of performances were staged, the building is included in the regional register of monuments of cultural heritage.  The creation of the theater Museum in Sovetsk and the publication of books about the theaters by both beneficiaries will preserve this history for posterity, thereby making a significant contribution to the preservation of its traditions and culture. Due to the fact that the theater of Alytus is a young theater, the Museum will not be created.

The project partners:
he budget of the state youth theatre "Youth"  and Theatre of Alytus
The project implementation period June 01, 2020 - may 31, 2022

The total budget of the project:
573 856,81 Euros (45 287 000)
The budget of the state youth theatre "Youth" 305 904,97 Euro (24 141 072 rubles)

The project is funded by the European Union and the Russian Federation.

This publication was prepared with the financial support of the European Union. The content of the published material is the responsibility of GBUK TYUZ "Molodezhny" and does not reflect the point of view of the European Union.