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Драма о ценностях и человеческой морали, об эгоизме поколений, надломе между эпохами. 

Fri, 22 October - 19:00
150 - 500 руб. | 12+

"Зойкина квартира"

Главная героиня — Зоя Пельц — открывает в своей квартире пошивочную мастерскую для богатых нэпманш. Однако ее ателье — лишь искусная ширма.

Sat, 23 October - 18:00
150 - 500 руб. | 18+

концерт Калининградского областного оркестра русских-народных инструментов "Мелодии планеты"

Калининградский областной оркестр русских народных инструментов (художественный руководитель и дирижер Андрей Степаненко).
с программой "Мелодии планеты"

Wed, 27 October - 19:00
300 - руб. | 6+

In the Tilsit Theater, work is already beginning on a new play " Zoikina's apartment»

Опубликовано borisov Wed, 30/09/2020 - 13:49

In the Tilsit Theater, work is already beginning on a new play "Zoikin's apartment" - based on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov (directed by Eugene Marcelli).
Today, the artists of the play - Russian stage masters Igor Kapitanov and Fagilya Selskaya-came to our theater. Their works were seen by the audience of leading domestic theaters, as well as venues in the United States and Israel.
For our theater, their works are familiar from the play "Cyanide ... with or without milk?" (directed by Eugene Marcelli).
At the technical council, sketches of the scenery, costumes of the future heroes of the play were presented and the moments of buying a suitable fabric for their tailoring were discussed. Based on the plot of the play, Fagile Samigulova suggests how the costumes will "play" on stage. And the costume very much – it's the color, cut, and texture, and architecture of the suit, and the ratio of the parts.

Fagilya Selskaya graduated from the Frunze Art School (Kyrgyzstan)and the Moscow Polygraphic Institute with a degree in Book Graphic Artist.

Among the performances designed by her:
"Pickwick Club" Ch.Dickens, "the Living corpse" by L. Tolstoy, "the Vacationers" by M. Gorky, "invitation to a beheading" Vladimir Nabokov, "well, Well," O. Nikiforova, "Theatre" M. frane, "Incident which nobody has noticed" by A. Volodin, "Byden" N. Skorokhod, "miss Julie" A. Strindberg (Omsk academic drama theatre); "Metaphysics of the Two-headed calf"," Academy of Laughter "by K. Mitani, "Canterville" by O. Wilde (St. Petersburg Satire Theater on Vasilievsky Island)," Bespridannik "by L. Razumovskaya," Golden Key "by A. Tolstoy (Novosibirsk Theater "Red Torch"), "Bolero" (Moscow Theater under the direction of O. P. Tabakov), " Synchron»T.Hurlimann, "A Bed for three" by M. Pavich (St. Petersburg Theater.Lensoveta), "Boris Godunov" by A. Pushkin (Russian Drama Theater of Bishkek), "Live and Remember" by V. Rasputin (Moscow Art Theater named after A. P. Chekhov). She also worked in theaters in Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Seattle, Cambridge, Lenin, Tel Aviv.

Igor Kapitanov graduated from the production department of the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio in 1978.

Among the performances designed by him:
"Noble Nest" by I. Turgenev,"Bespridannik" by L. Razumovskaya (Novosibirsk Theater "Red Torch"); "Seagull" by A. Chekhov (Tel Aviv Chamber Theater); "Murder of Gonzago" by V. Yordanov (Maly Theater); "Dance of Death" by A. Strindberg (Theater "On Malaya Bronnaya"); "Tatar small" (Pushkin Theater); "Theatrical Novel" by M. Bulgakov (Novosibirsk Theater "Globe"); "Ivanov" by A. Chekhov (Theater.Lunacharsky, Penza); "Ladybugs Return to Earth" by V. Sigarev, "Barbarians" by M. Gorky (Perm Academic Theater); "Brother Chichikov" by N. Sadur, "Well and Well" by O. Nikiforova (Omsk Academic Drama Theater); "Princess of the Circus" by I. Kalman Moscow Art Theater named after A. P. Chekhov "Live and remember" by V. Rasputin (Theater "On Basmannaya"), etc.

The play is staged as part of the international project " BUILDING BRIDGES: DEVELOPMENT OF CULTURE AND TOURISM IN SOVETSK AND ALYTUS DISTRICT"-Russia-Lithuania cross-border cooperation programs 2014-2020.


The project partners:

State budget institution of culture "Kaliningrad region youth theatre "Мolodyozhnyj"

and Theatre of Alytus

The project implementation period June 01, 2020 may 31, 2022

The total budget of the project:

573 856,81 Euros (45 287 000)

State budget institution of culture "Kaliningrad region youth theatre "Мolodyozhnyj"

305 904,97 Euro (24 141 072 rubles)

The project is funded by the European Union and the Russian Federation.


This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of State budget institution of culture "Kaliningrad region youth theatre "Мolodyozhnyj"  and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.